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How to Choose a Quality Nursing Home

When an aging parent or loved one no longer can safely remain at home without assistance, the need for decisions about long-term care becomes apparent. With so many options for long-term care, it can be extremely difficult to determine the best solut… Read More
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How to Pay for Long-Term Care

America's aging population is drawing attention to a large health care gap in the country: long-term care. Covering this gap could prove difficult and costly, but there are some ways that it can be done. Americans in most demographic groups are… Read More
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Hospice Director Charged with Murder

Hospices are supposed to provide humane end of life care. Most do. However, one hospice in Texas shows why we should always be vigilant in protecting against abuse of the elderly. Monica Patterson was the director of a hospice in Edinburg, Texas. It… Read More
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New Nursing Home Quality Measurements

The federal government has announced six new measurements for its system of comparing the quality of care patients receive at nursing homes. Anyone interested in information about the quality of a nursing home can go to Medicare's website and us… Read More
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Nursing Homes Abandoning Residents

Under federal law if a nursing home patient goes to a hospital and the nursing home subsequently refuses to readmit the resident, the resident is entitled to an administrative hearing conducted by state government. However, even when residents win th… Read More
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Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) Expands Gender Gap

While life insurance has long been priced by sex, companies that provide long-term care insurance (LTCI), mainly used to cover healthcare expenses in old age or for severe illness, have long avoided it. But for the first time this year, they will int… Read More
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