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How to Choose a Quality Nursing Home

When an aging parent or loved one no longer can safely remain at home without assistance, the need for decisions about long-term care becomes apparent. With so many options for long-term care, it can be extremely difficult to determine the best solut… Read More
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Hospice Director Charged with Murder

Hospices are supposed to provide humane end of life care. Most do. However, one hospice in Texas shows why we should always be vigilant in protecting against abuse of the elderly. Monica Patterson was the director of a hospice in Edinburg, Texas. It… Read More
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Don’t Delay Discussing Your End-Of-Life Wishes

This uncomfortable, ethically questionable, confusing scene over Ms. Bayliss’ end of life did not have to happen the way it did.  If you don’t want to be in that kind of situation, you need to be responsible for deciding what you want and co… Read More
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The Mysteries of Medicaid: One Myth Exposed

   If you have older family members or are a member of the aging population yourself, you are probably aware of a very poorly kept secret: people in America are living longer than ever before.  This is creating new areas of concern for… Read More
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