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Nursing Home Intimacy

Thanks to medical advances and changing attitudes about sex, it is no longer taboo for nursing homes to allow intimate relations between residents. One Brooklyn nursing home even has a dating service for its residents. The introduction of Viagra and… Read More
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Nursing Home Evictions Increasing

Elder Law advocates claim that nursing homes are increasingly turning to improper evictions to rid themselves of patients they view as undesirable or difficult. Under federal law nursing homes can only evict residents under limited circumstances. How… Read More
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Does the Minimum Wage Affect Seniors?

At first glance it might not seem that the battle over raising the minimum wage is of pressing importance to retired people, but if one advocacy group is correct it might be a vital concern for seniors in nursing homes. The current political battle o… Read More
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New Nursing Home Quality Measurements

The federal government has announced six new measurements for its system of comparing the quality of care patients receive at nursing homes. Anyone interested in information about the quality of a nursing home can go to Medicare's website and us… Read More
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Nursing Homes Abandoning Residents

Under federal law if a nursing home patient goes to a hospital and the nursing home subsequently refuses to readmit the resident, the resident is entitled to an administrative hearing conducted by state government. However, even when residents win th… Read More
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Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are OK

Buffalo attorney Julie Bargnesi is a proponent of fairness to health care providers and patients alike. She’s not only an attorney who represents health care providers and is a part of the health care industry practice team at Harris Beach, she was… Read More
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