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These Pets Are Probably Richer than You

Leaving money in your estate for the care of a beloved pet is often a good idea. However, there are some people who have taken it to an extreme. In recent years including pets in estate plans has become more and more popular. People want to know that… Read More
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Estate Planning Options for Your Pets

Increasingly people are making provisions in their estate plans for their pets. If you would like to do the same, then you have a few options for how to do it. In the past people gave little thought to what might happen to their pets after they passe… Read More
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How to Care for Your Pet … After You Pass Away

We love our pets. Nearly two-thirds of all Americans have a pet, and among those who do, nearly 70% have a dog; 50% have a cat; 11% have fish; 8% have birds; and 7% have horses, rodents or reptiles. Nearly 90% of all pet owners consider their pets to… Read More
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