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Using A Revocable Trust as the Primary Method for Disposing of Your Estate

If you haven't considered using a revocable trust rather than a will as your main estate planning document, you could be making a critical mistake. A recent MoneyWatch article, “5 reasons you need a trust, not a will,” lists five reasons for… Read More
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Which Type of Trust is Right for Me?

Trusts can be a great way to update an estate plan, whether within a will or as a separate estate-planning tool. Trusts have a reputation for being something that most people don't have to worry about, with most seeing a trust as a vehicle for t… Read More
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Revoking an Irrevocable Trust

By the basic meaning of its title, it would seem that an irrevocable trust cannot be revoked. However, in Louisiana, a battle is waging over whether or not that is always true.   Tom Benson is believed to control the largest fortune in the state… Read More
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