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Taxes on Social Security Benefits

Many people are surprised to learn that their Social Security retirement benefits might be subject to federal income taxes. Many Americans are surprised to learn that they can be taxed on their Social Security retirement benefits as explained in My S… Read More
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New IRS Policy on Identity Theft

Identity thieves do not content themselves with just taking out credit cards in their victims' names. They also often file fraudulent tax returns for refund checks. A new IRS policy should help victims figure out what happened. Imagine receiving… Read More
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Keep Your Trust Ahead of State Tax Laws

  Keeping on top of federal tax laws concerning trusts is relatively simple. However, when it comes to state tax laws on trusts, staying on top of them can be an entirely different matter, especially since many trusts might be subject to taxatio… Read More
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IRS Dissects Trusts with Pass-Through Entities

So make sure the trustee is one of the officers of the company, which in a family business is pretty likely anyway, and you are all set right?  Not so fast according to the IRS’ Associate Area Counsel who authored TAM 201317010. Trusts can acc… Read More
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