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What is Undue Influence?

Undue influence can occur when an individual threatens or makes fraudulent misrepresentations in order to get another person to do something. In the context of a will, undue influence might occur if an individual pressures or threatens the person mak… Read More
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Undue Influence Can Turn Out to Be Costly

If undue influence over an elderly person can be proven there may be a price to pay. Sometimes undue influence can turn out to be costly as the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports in "Ex-Derzon Coins operator ordered to pay estate $1.2… Read More
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Can a Lawyer Profit From an Unethical Will He Drafted?

A recent appellate court decision in Michigan means that it is possible for attorneys to be unethical and still profit from the wills they create. Every state has a basic ethical rule for attorneys: an attorney cannot draft a will for a non-relative… Read More
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