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What is a Will Contest?

Under Michigan law, any interested person can challenge the legal validity of another person’s will, either before or after it is admitted to probate. Interested persons include spouses, children, heirs, and anyone who has a property right in or a… Read More
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What is Undue Influence?

Undue influence can occur when an individual threatens or makes fraudulent misrepresentations in order to get another person to do something. In the context of a will, undue influence might occur if an individual pressures or threatens the person mak… Read More
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Estate Planning Is Not Just About the Legal Documents

It is not enough to just get a pile of legal documents that make up an estate plan. The legal documents themselves are limited if you have not considered what it really means to transfer wealth from one generation to the next and have not planned acc… Read More
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Estate Looks for JFK Love Child

That John F. Kennedy had affairs while he was President is fairly well known, so perhaps it should not be too surprising that the estate of one of the women alleged to have been involved in one of those affairs is following up on rumors that she had… Read More
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Estate Planning in a Few Steps

Creating an estate plan can seem like a daunting task for many people, but if you break the process down into the basic steps, it does not seem as challenging. Sometimes people do not get estate plans because they think it is too difficult, that ther… Read More
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Undue Influence Can Turn Out to Be Costly

If undue influence over an elderly person can be proven there may be a price to pay. Sometimes undue influence can turn out to be costly as the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports in "Ex-Derzon Coins operator ordered to pay estate $1.2… Read More
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Estate Planning for Younger Adults

People in their 20s and 30s might not think that they need estate plans, but they do and it is not necessarily a big hassle for them to put plans in place. A typical line of thinking for younger adults is this: because they have relatively few assets… Read More
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Phil Taylor Left Nothing to Missing Wife

The recently deceased former Motorhead drummer, Phil Taylor, had a long-lost wife. He left nothing for her in his will. Phil Taylor, known to fans as Filthy Animal, was a long-time drummer for the legendary hard rock band Motorhead. Although Taylor h… Read More
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Things Prince Can Teach You about Estate Planning

You have probably heard that Prince died without a will. There are important things about estate planning that you can learn from that. Despite a net worth of millions of dollars the musician Prince never had a will drafted or any other form of estat… Read More
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The Bizarre Battle Over B.B. King's Estate

It might have been physically impossible for the late musician B.B. King to have children, yet he claimed that he had 15 of them. Those who survive are in a strange battle over his estate. According to B.B. King's biographer, the musician was to… Read More
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