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Community Property and Your Estate Plan

If you are considering retiring to a state with community property laws, you should consider how your estate plan could be affected. Chances are you do not live in a community property state. Only a handful of states have community property marriage… Read More
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Gaddafi's Estate in Limbo

Muammar Gaddafi's son might have stolen money from the Libyan government and stashed it in a foreign bank. The new Libyan government would like it back, but questions over the legitimacy of the new government make that difficult. Muammar Gaddafi… Read More
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States Continue to Ease up on Estate Taxes

State governments are rightfully concerned that wealthy elderly citizens will move to other states that have more favorable estate tax laws. In a clear trend this is causing more and more states to do away with or decrease their estate taxes. State g… Read More
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Leaving Your Friends a Few Drinks

    Sometimes it is the littlest things that you do in your estate plan that create the most lasting memories. This might be the case in England where one man left his drinking buddies money to have drinks on him.   Roger Brown of Swan… Read More
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Do Not Forget Your Frequent Flier Miles

Most people who travel a lot have accumulated many unredeemed frequent flier miles or hotel reward points. What many do not know is that it is a good idea to state who should assume ownership of these loyalty reward points in an estate plan.   I… Read More
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