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Estate Tax Implications of the Presidential Election

In all of the controversies surrounding this year’s presidential election the estate tax is receiving little attention even though some people believe the result could have major implications for the future of the tax. The race for the White House… Read More
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Digital Estate Planning

The laws concerning digital asset estate planning are a patchwork. Some states have specific laws and others do not. The technology companies that host digital accounts each have their own policies which further complicates things. What happens to yo… Read More
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Japan Debating Living Wills

The right to refuse life-extending medical care is well-established in the U.S. Millions of Americans have living wills instructing doctors not to give them certain kinds of treatment. In Japan the idea is a novel one and being hotly debated. In the… Read More
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Should Dave Ramsey Be Regulated?

The Department of Labor's pending regulation concerning financial planners who handle retirement accounts has caused some concern that popular media figures like Dave Ramsey might be censored. Elder law advocates have long been concerned that pe… Read More
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Managing the Digital Assets of the Deceased

According to a 2007 study conducted by Microsoft, the average web user has 25 online accounts ranging from social network accounts to banking and financial accounts. In America alone, nearly 72% of American adults have an online presence or use socia… Read More
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Do Not Forget the Smaller Digital Accounts

  People are gradually beginning to understand that they need to ensure that there is a way for family members to access digital accounts after the owner passes away, at least so far as the biggest accounts are concerned, such as bank and social… Read More
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Inheritance Stolen after Social Media Posts Made About It

   While many people prefer to keep their financial affairs private, there are others who have no problem letting the entire world know about them. One young man in Philadelphia is learning the hard way that it is not a good idea to let the… Read More
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