Fight over Robin Williams' Estate


In the immediate aftermath of Robin Williams' death it appeared that his estate had been well-planned and no arguments over it were expected. However, it now seems that a battle is brewing in court.


After the suicide of Robin Williams, the public soon learned that his estate plan called for everything to be left in trust for his children. Williams was praised for his proper estate planning and for acting to take care of his family before taking his own life.

Recently, however, news has broken that his widow has filed a petition with a court over the estate. She seeks to have property located in the house that she shared with Williams excluded from the trust created for the benefit of the children.

The children are upset and think the widow is attempting to rewrite the trust. In response, her attorney claims she is merely seeking clarification from the court about certain terms of the trust.

NBC News has the full story in "Robin Williams' wife and children fight over estate."

As it is very early in the case, it is not yet possible to determine how this case will play out. It may be that Robin Williams left some ambiguous terms in the trust. It may also be just another family fight over property that would have happened regardless.

Neither is uncommon when property is valuable.

The important takeaway: Make sure that your trust is not ambiguous and does not leave open the possibility of family feuds.

Reference: NBC News (February 3, 2015) "Robin Williams' wife and children fight over estate."

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