Photographer Sues B.B. King’s Estate


As if the estate of B.B. King did not have enough issues to sort out, a photographer has filed a suit against the estate and Universal Music Group alleging copyright infringement.

Some celebrity estates, such as those of Michael Jackson and Prince, are guaranteed to receive media attention for years no matter what happens. Other celebrity estates are not in the news nearly as much, but that does not mean they are not every bit as messy as those receiving more attention.

B.B. King’s estate is one of those that has not received much attention and it is shaping up to be a big mess.

King is known to have fathered at least 15 children by 15 different women. It is going to be difficult to sort out who gets what. With that battle underway the last thing the estate needed was to face a lawsuit.

But a lawsuit has been filed recently against the estate in federal court, as Billboard reports in “B.B. King Estate, Universal Music Sued By Photographer.”

Photographer Glen Craig alleges that pictures he took have been used without permission on King’s albums since 1971. The pictures have been used on several different albums, including those that have come out within the last year.

Craig is suing King’s estate and Universal Music Group, which produces King’s albums.

At this time there is very little detail available about the lawsuit, but it should be cause for great concern for the estate. The penalties for copyright infringement can be very high.

Should Craig prevail the pool of assets available to divide between King’s 15 children could be reduced significantly.

Reference: Billboard (July 11, 2016) “B.B. King Estate, Universal Music Sued By Photographer.”

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