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Trust Solutions for Blended Families in Ann Arbor

Numerous studies show a senior widower is much less likely to stay single than his female counterpart… [and that] often leaves the question of how the father can protect the children’s inheritance if there is a second wife in the picture. In that… Read More
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Ann Arbor Blended Families - Don’t Let Your Blended Family Become Bitter After You’re Gone

I noticed during a morning news show that September 16th was National Step-Family Day.  At first I chuckled at how many “awareness days” seem to be popping up.  Then, as an expert began to speak about blended families, I realized how in… Read More
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Potential Postnuptial Possibilities in Ann Arbor

More and more couples are signing postnuptial agreements, as they face the fact that divorce is a possibility and it's smarter to plan ahead, according to a new survey. Marriage is, in very real sense, a contract to be together for life, through… Read More
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