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ID Theft and the Deceased

Everyone has heard horror stories about identity theft and millions of Americans take steps to protect themselves by regularly checking their credit reports. However, the deceased cannot check their own credit reports. This gives thieves an opportuni… Read More
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Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents’ Finances

"When they are having trouble understanding bills and writing checks it might be time to step in, slowly, at the ground level," Kolinsky said adding that if parents initiate a discussion, the ideal time would be when they are in their 70s a… Read More
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Charitable Giving or Elder Abuse? Uncertainties of a Late Heiress’s Last Years

Admitted in 1991, Mrs. Clark ended up staying until her death, giving the hospital at least $4 million in donations, not counting millions more she paid just to live there and a $1 million bequest in her final, contested will, according to court pape… Read More
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Medical Alert Scam Becoming Widespread

Barbara Adams, 70, keeps getting one of those annoying robocalls that she just knows has to be a scam. The voice implies that somebody, her doctor or maybe her children, signed her up for a medical alert system. It's all free, the recording impl… Read More
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Estate Planning Tools Affected by President’s Budget Proposal

The new budget proposal targets various estate planning tools utilized by taxpayers in an effort to limit tax loopholes and generate revenue In the midst of the budget battlefield, many estate planning attorneys are closing watching the President’s… Read More
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The Mighty Power of Attorney (POA)

A POA is a legal document that is based on your state’s law that authorizes someone to act on your behalf. A Power of Attorney (POA) is an essential tool for your estate plans, and a mighty strong one at that. In effect, every adult should have one… Read More
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Do You Need Estate Planning if You Are NOT Rich in Ann Arbor? Yes You Do!

The current commotion in Washington regarding the fiscal cliff (and the estate and gift taxes) may not particularly interest you. However, while these discussions generally only affect the extremely wealthy, don’t be deceived. You still need an est… Read More
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The Reverse Mortgage Loan – Going Once, Going Twice in Ann Arbor…

The federal government is proposing to make big changes to its reverse mortgageprogram early next year that should make the (reverse mortgage) loans safer forseniors who use them to tap home equity.     In a response to the speculative… Read More
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Saying NO to Scam Artists in Ann Arbor

     “You pay nothing! All we need is a credit card for confirmation!” “You can’t afford to miss this offer, which is only available today!” Have you ever received a phone call from a stranger who sounds like this? If yo… Read More
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