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“Grandparent” Scams

As individuals age, they often become more vulnerable to scams, which can end up costing them a great deal of money. As many senior citizens live on a fixed income, falling prey to just one scam can be financially devastating. One of the most common… Read More
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States Race to the Bottom with Trust Laws

In the U.S. each individual state has wide latitude to determine its own laws for handling trusts. Many are concerned that a small handful of states are using that latitude to race to the bottom. Delaware has long been known for having trust-friendly… Read More
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Holding a Trustee Liable

One of the reasons that trusts are an effective estate planning tool is that the trustee is legally required to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. However, it is increasingly difficult to hold trustees liable when they do not do so. Trus… Read More
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Thieves Targeting the Elderly

Millions of elderly people in the U.S. live alone and many of them suffer from loneliness and diminished capacity. That makes them vulnerable to thieves. Criminals like to pick the easiest targets that they can find. For many thieves that means they… Read More
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New Profession Helps Seniors Move

Moving from a home that you have lived in for decades can be a daunting task, especially when you have to sort through a lifetime’s worth of stuff—not all of which will fit into your new home. Senior move managers specialize in making such moves… Read More
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Nursing Home Intimacy

Thanks to medical advances and changing attitudes about sex, it is no longer taboo for nursing homes to allow intimate relations between residents. One Brooklyn nursing home even has a dating service for its residents. The introduction of Viagra and… Read More
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Undue Influence Can Turn Out to Be Costly

If undue influence over an elderly person can be proven there may be a price to pay. Sometimes undue influence can turn out to be costly as the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports in "Ex-Derzon Coins operator ordered to pay estate $1.2… Read More
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Who Profits From the Sumner Redstone Situation?

The continuing battles over Sumner Redstone's competency in court and the media is not profiting shareholders in the companies that he owns, but someone is profiting from the situation. The current fight over Sumner Redstone's competency an… Read More
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Sumner Redstone Competency Challenged Again

Only two weeks after Sumner Redstone successfully defended himself against one attempt to declare him incompetent to handle his own affairs another battle over the same issue has begun. The effort by Sumner Redstone's ex-girlfriend to have the m… Read More
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More Potential Prince Heirs Come Forward

In the developing saga to settle Prince's estate two more people have come forward claiming to be his heirs. When news broke that the musician Prince did not have an estate plan experts were quick to predict that there would be multiple claims m… Read More
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