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Can You Do Estate Planning for Your Farm?

Succession planning is one of the most important aspects of passing on a farm to future generations, but having a conversation about it is not always easy. Jolene Brown, an Iowa farmer and professional speaker, and Nelson Schoon, certified financial… Read More
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New Regulations Affect Family Limited Partnerships and Family LLCs

The Internal Revenue Service is about to toughen the rules on a type of investment vehicle that has been abused by some very wealthy families to avoid millions of dollars in taxes. The wealthy are allowed to use family limited partnerships, family li… Read More
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Succession Planning – A Business Must in Ann Arbor

The conversation around successions can be [sensitive], because it brings up all the same issues one faces when starting a business — only this time, you’re forced to imagine it without yourself in the picture. When it comes to business, successi… Read More
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Is Your Ann Arbor Family Business Staying in the Family?

The problems founders face when an heir announces he/she refuses to reign are significant and extend far beyond the hassle of hunting for a replacement in a  poor quality applicant pool.  The real damage done in this circumstance comes from… Read More
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