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Financial Help for Caregivers

Becoming a caregiver can result in many challenges; communicating with doctors, managing your time and your parents’ health, and just as importantly, their financial welfare. According to the National Caregiver’s Library website, (www.caregiversl… Read More
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Would You Choose Cousin Vinny to Be the Guardian of Your Kids?

  Estate plan is a key element in any financial plan no matter what your age. Estate planning allows you to decide how your assets should be distributed upon your death. In essence it allows control from the grave! And a word of advice to t… Read More
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The Mighty Power of Attorney (POA)

A POA is a legal document that is based on your state’s law that authorizes someone to act on your behalf. A Power of Attorney (POA) is an essential tool for your estate plans, and a mighty strong one at that. In effect, every adult should have one… Read More
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A Power of Attorney Can Produce a Thief in Disguise

Statistics on power of attorney abuse are hard to come by, but experts recognize it as a prevalent problem. There will come a time at which you will need to legally delegate someone to handle your financial matters. This legal delegation, known as a… Read More
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Ann Arbor Legal Alert: Law Change May Affect Your Financial Power of Attorney

    A recent, important change in Michigan law impacts your financial power of attorney. The new Michigan statute related to financial powers of attorney went into effect October 1, 2012, and may cause you serious challenges in us… Read More
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