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Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Under the best of circumstances Americans often still have difficulty planning for their retirements. It is especially difficult for parents of children with special needs. When parents of children with special needs start planning for their own reti… Read More
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ABLE Act Basics

Families with children with special needs often have to make extraordinary efforts in their estate plans to make sure that the children are still cared for after the parents pass away. The ABLE Act makes that less necessary. Everyone who has a child… Read More
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Which Type of Trust is Right for Me?

Trusts can be a great way to update an estate plan, whether within a will or as a separate estate-planning tool. Trusts have a reputation for being something that most people don't have to worry about, with most seeing a trust as a vehicle for t… Read More
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Know When to Update Your Estate Plan

Updating your estate plan isn't something you think about too often. Why should it be? You're happy, healthy, and you have a good life. Letting the negative "what ifs" creep in only puts a damper on your day. As painful as it is t… Read More
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Are Trusts a Good Idea?

To some estate planning attorneys, trusts are the default option. Their wealthy clients generally pass assets to heirs that way. Trusts can keep inherited wealth safe; assets left outright to individuals may be vulnerable to estate tax and divorce an… Read More
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