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The Percentage of Income You Might Get From Social Security

Social Security is designed to be a pension system that replaces income when people retire. However, it is not designed to be a full pension that replaces your entire income. It is therefore important to know what percentage of your current monthly i… Read More
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Should You Take Social Security at 67?

One of the most important decisions that seniors make is when to start taking Social Security benefits. The full retirement age for most people is 67, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone should wait to start benefits until then. American… Read More
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Medicare Eligibility Requirements

Some people are automatically enrolled in Medicare and this can lead those not enrolled automatically to believe they are not eligible. This is often not the case. People are often confused by the rules for Medicare eligibility because people are onl… Read More
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Who Is Eligible for Social Security Survivor's Benefits?

When someone passes away the money that he or she has invested in Social Security is not necessarily wasted. Dependents might be able to claim it through survivor's benefits. Social Security is essentially a forced retirement plan. We put money… Read More
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With Loopholes Closed What to Do About Social Security Now

In a surprise move Congress closed popular Social Security loopholes for married couples, but that does not mean that all Social Security strategies are gone. The United States Congress takes a lot of heat for not doing very much. However, sometimes… Read More
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Elderly Poverty Could Rise

A steep decline in the number of elderly people living in poverty is one of the greatest social policy success stories of the 20th Century. If current trends do not change, the success might be fleeting. The early decades of the 20th Century saw grea… Read More
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Collecting Social Security Benefits From Your Ex-Spouse

Robin Brewton, who advises clients on Social Security benefit strategies, has boosted retirees' financial security with a single question: Are you divorced? There are several new challenges today’s retiring generation is facing, with the volat… Read More
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The Reverse Mortgage Loan – Going Once, Going Twice in Ann Arbor…

The federal government is proposing to make big changes to its reverse mortgageprogram early next year that should make the (reverse mortgage) loans safer forseniors who use them to tap home equity.     In a response to the speculative… Read More
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Ann Arbor - Your Social Security Payout Increase Will Be the Lowest Ever

More than 56 million Social Security recipients will see their monthly payments increase by 1.7% in January… The increase is among the lowest since automatic annual adjustments were adopted in 1975. Did you know your Social Security payout increase… Read More
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