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It is not always easy for descendants to locate the wills of the deceased. A new online service hopes to provide the first national solution to that problem. Many people neglect to tell loved ones where their wills are located. Often this is out of f… Read More
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Would You Choose Cousin Vinny to Be the Guardian of Your Kids?

  Estate plan is a key element in any financial plan no matter what your age. Estate planning allows you to decide how your assets should be distributed upon your death. In essence it allows control from the grave! And a word of advice to t… Read More
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Can Mediation be the Referee in Your Estate Battle?

…In general, the lasting anger and bitterness of litigation doesn't seem to occur when matters are settled by mediation. Inheritance battles are nothing new. We see several of them make their way into courtrooms far and wide, exposing the fami… Read More
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Disinheritance Challenges in Ann Arbor

As cruel as it sounds to disinherit a child, people have their reasons. Sometimes there is no relationship. Other parents might feel the adult is well-off and does not need an inheritance. Estate planning largely involves the process of distributing… Read More
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