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Check Out This Estate Sale!

The Orange County Public Administrator’s Office has dealt with its share of unusual inheritances. There was the protection they once had to arrange for a $500,000 ring. And there was the pet eel. But theupcoming estate sale of Gerald Willits, a Bue… Read More
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Who's Quarterbacking Your “Money Team?”

When it comes to managing and growing your wealth, it pays to have a deep bench. Who’s on your money team? Among Millionaire investors who work with a team of advisors, one-third consider a team of two advisors to be ideal, while 36 percent prefer… Read More
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Are Trusts a Good Idea?

To some estate planning attorneys, trusts are the default option. Their wealthy clients generally pass assets to heirs that way. Trusts can keep inherited wealth safe; assets left outright to individuals may be vulnerable to estate tax and divorce an… Read More
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Basic Estate Planning Mistakes You Can Stop Making

Estate planning tends to get pushed to the back burner, as more pressing financial tasks take center stage. But neglecting estate planning is a huge mistake. Estate planning may involve hiring an attorney or financial advisor, but plenty of people ma… Read More
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Estate Planning Lessons in the Death of Whitney Houston’s Daughter

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragic death offers a number of poignant end-of-life lessons for parents, young adults, and seniors alike. First and foremost, health and legal experts say Brown’s death spotlights the need for establishing written advance… Read More
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Law Students Help Vets with Estate Counseling

The University of Nebraska's College of Law is sending its students to help military veterans with matters related to estate planning, giving law students practical experience while helping a population in need. Over recent weeks, fourteen veter… Read More
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Problems Posed by Probate

For those who have specific goals for their assets once they leave this world, an estate plan becomes an essential component of their financial plan. There are many benefits to having an estate plan, including ensuring that your wishes will be carrie… Read More
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Help for the Brand New Executor

When you are named as executor after someone has died, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Ideally, the deceased told you in advance that they were planning to name you as executor and you had a chance to discuss their wishes and gather infor… Read More
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Mr. Cub Alleged to Have Dementia when He Signed New Will

The estranged wife of late Cubs legend Ernie Banks claims the Hall of Famer was diagnosed with dementia days before he signed a will that left his entire estate to his caregiver. Ernie Banks was in the middle of a long and somewhat contentious divorc… Read More
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What Does Your Will Say about You?

We often think the process of estate planning is mostly about finances. However, how we distribute our estates also says a lot about who we are as people and what we value. Every will ever accepted into probate in England and Wales since 1858 is stor… Read More
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