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Making a Charitable Donation in Ann Arbor - Big Charitable Decisions

What surprised us most in our Forbes Insights study was something that also emerged among attendees at the Summit: not just the scope and scale of the wealth they plan to disburse, but how quickly they plan to do so. When it comes to charitable givin… Read More
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Potential Postnuptial Possibilities in Ann Arbor

More and more couples are signing postnuptial agreements, as they face the fact that divorce is a possibility and it's smarter to plan ahead, according to a new survey. Marriage is, in very real sense, a contract to be together for life, through… Read More
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Is Your Ann Arbor Family Business Staying in the Family?

The problems founders face when an heir announces he/she refuses to reign are significant and extend far beyond the hassle of hunting for a replacement in a  poor quality applicant pool.  The real damage done in this circumstance comes from… Read More
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