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Estate Planning Review Advised After ATRA 2012

"Everybody should think about their estate regardless of the level of assets," says Barry Fischman, a partner at accounting firm Marcum. "The biggest hurdle is psychological. People say, ‘I'm not ready to do anything. I want to… Read More
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Avoid the Sting of the Estate Tax Rules in Ann Arbor

The good news is the estate tax won’t apply to as many business owners as we feared; the bad news is that when it applies, it has a nasty sting. Over the past several years, we’ve seen estate taxes go through many alterations. We’ve seen change… Read More
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Are There Any “Winners” in the Fiscal Cliff Deal in Ann Arbor?

They didn't get what they wanted …. But they got what they needed. Is it true that for a real compromise to take place, everyone has to walk away a bit unhappy? If so, then the American Taxpayer Relief Act passed by Congress was the truest of… Read More
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Should You Give Your Large Gifts Now or Later in Ann Arbor?

One advantage of this year’s large gift tax exclusion and low tax rate is that they match the estate tax parameters—you don’t have to die to take advantage of the bargain basement prices for passing on your wealth.     The estate… Read More
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