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Widow Sues to Resume Estate Payments

An interesting estate case was recently filed in Manhattan. On one side, a widow is suing her stepchildren claiming that they were supposed to give her a monthly stipend for life. On the other side, the stepchildren claim there was never a marriage a… Read More
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Dispute over MLK's Estate May Be Coming to an End

Over the years there have been several disputes concerning the estate of Martin Luther King Jr. The latest has pitted his children against each other. It now appears that a settlement might be forthcoming. Many of the personal effects of Martin Luthe… Read More
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Robin Williams' Estate Still Disputed

  The battle between Robin Williams' widow and his children has been resolved on some issues. However, one issue remains that must be decided by a court. In the days after Robin Williams' suicide, it appeared that he had appropriately… Read More
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Inheritance Scam Leads to Jail

People have probably been attempting to scam others out of their money for as long as money has existed. Many different schemes exist that people fall for over and over again. Recently, people have been falling for a scam involving fake inheritances.… Read More
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Attorney Disqualification and Estate Administration

When an attorney has a conflict of interest in a case the attorney is not allowed to be involved in the case. A bizarre case in Louisiana illustrates how that principle applies to estate administration. There is apparently no dispute that Kaci Breen… Read More
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Attorney Sued for Defrauding Estate

  When someone passes away in an accident, an attorney is often retained by the estate to press claims against those who might be responsible for the accident. If the attorney is not trustworthy or the executor of the estate is not properly watc… Read More
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