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Fight over Robin Williams' Estate

In the immediate aftermath of Robin Williams' death it appeared that his estate had been well-planned and no arguments over it were expected. However, it now seems that a battle is brewing in court.   After the suicide of Robin Williams, th… Read More
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What You Need “To-Do” with Your Estate Plan

Now that January has passed and you have hopefully gotten your beginning of the year business done, it is time to turn your attention to your estate plan and make sure that it is up to date. Your estate plan should not be seen as a static document. Y… Read More
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Turning Yourself into a Diamond

Everyone knows that estate plans are primarily about your assets or your minor children, if you have any. Recently, however, some companies are asking people to make unusual decisions about what will happen to their remains as part of their estate pl… Read More
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Did a New York Woman Scam Her Own Daughter’s Inheritance?

Sometimes people think that it takes a lot of wealth for problems to arise within families over estates. However, what is a lot for any particular family is relative. People who do not have much wealth will fight over far less money than those who do… Read More
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When DIY Estate Planning Goes Wrong

People have many options today for creating their own estate planning documents. Forms can be purchased quickly from websites and books. However, trying to create your own estate plan can actually be more expensive than hiring an attorney.   Hav… Read More
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