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New Regulations Affect Family Limited Partnerships and Family LLCs

The Internal Revenue Service is about to toughen the rules on a type of investment vehicle that has been abused by some very wealthy families to avoid millions of dollars in taxes. The wealthy are allowed to use family limited partnerships, family li… Read More
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Are Trusts a Good Idea?

To some estate planning attorneys, trusts are the default option. Their wealthy clients generally pass assets to heirs that way. Trusts can keep inherited wealth safe; assets left outright to individuals may be vulnerable to estate tax and divorce an… Read More
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Basic Estate Planning Mistakes You Can Stop Making

Estate planning tends to get pushed to the back burner, as more pressing financial tasks take center stage. But neglecting estate planning is a huge mistake. Estate planning may involve hiring an attorney or financial advisor, but plenty of people ma… Read More
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Estate Planning Lessons in the Death of Whitney Houston’s Daughter

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragic death offers a number of poignant end-of-life lessons for parents, young adults, and seniors alike. First and foremost, health and legal experts say Brown’s death spotlights the need for establishing written advance… Read More
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Would You Choose Cousin Vinny to Be the Guardian of Your Kids?

  Estate plan is a key element in any financial plan no matter what your age. Estate planning allows you to decide how your assets should be distributed upon your death. In essence it allows control from the grave! And a word of advice to t… Read More
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