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Hospice Director Charged with Murder

Hospices are supposed to provide humane end of life care. Most do. However, one hospice in Texas shows why we should always be vigilant in protecting against abuse of the elderly. Monica Patterson was the director of a hospice in Edinburg, Texas. It… Read More
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Hospice Still Waiting on Help from Medicare

"The effect is very negative for end-of-life care in the country. The way hospice is designed now may have worked fine 30 years ago, but it doesn’t work now and we need to think about alternatives." U.S. health care has been in flux since… Read More
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The Fiscal Cliff & Your Health in Ann Arbor

If President Barack Obama and Congress cannot reach an agreement on the fiscalcliff…it would likely send the country back into recession…and ultimately, itcould hurt your physical and emotional health.      Financial health an… Read More
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