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Time Is Running Out in Ann Arbor on Tax Planning Options

Much of what is being written on the prospect of the expiration of the Bush-Era tax cuts focuses on its income tax implications. Yet, I believe that there is a greater likelihood that the estate and gift taxation aspects of this looming expiration ar… Read More
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Digital Assets, Digital Estate Planning - An Important Issue in Ann Arbor

If you inadvertently lock out your executor or the very person who has power of attorney over your finances, you can create a huge hassle for your family just trying to pay your bills.  Since we now live in a paperless world, they need something… Read More
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The Inheritance Blues – Whitney Houston Estate

The chief risk is always that the money will impact a kids’ motivation and self-reliance. “Ideally one would set aside enough funds to allow our family members to do anything they could do, but not so much that they could do nothing.” You give… Read More
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Learn More About Estate Planning in Ann Arbor

National Estate Planning Awareness Week (Oct. 15-21).  What’s that? As Forbes Senior Editor Deborah L.  Jacobs put it in a recent post: “It’s a bit of a contrivance by lawyers in the field to get you to seek out their services. But it… Read More
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Making Long-term Plans for Family Members with Special Needs in Ann Arbor

With each passing election season, the conversations about the cost of government-provided health care and Social Security get more urgent. But debates about the deserving and the undeserving and the proper level of budgets and taxes tend to gloss ov… Read More
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Ann Arbor Blended Families - Don’t Let Your Blended Family Become Bitter After You’re Gone

I noticed during a morning news show that September 16th was National Step-Family Day.  At first I chuckled at how many “awareness days” seem to be popping up.  Then, as an expert began to speak about blended families, I realized how in… Read More
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Adding Adult Children to Ann Arbor Bank Accounts - Simple Solution or Devastating Consequences? (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous blog, we discussed why adding your child to your bank account can have dangerous consequences, such as losing your entire account in the event your child is sued, has a creditor, or gets divorced.  In this blog we discuss the pro… Read More
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Adding Adult Children to Ann Arbor Bank Accounts - Simple Solution or Devastating Consequences? (Part 1 of 2)

                At Legacy Law Center, we frequently meet with clients who are sure that they don’t need to retitle their checking or other accounts to the name of their… Read More
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Why Should I Name My Trust as Beneficiary of My Retirement Account

An essential part of establishing and maintaining a trust is funding, the process by which your assets are moved into your trust.  Some assets need to be re-registered into your trust name, while others should have the beneficiary changed to nam… Read More
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Potential Postnuptial Possibilities in Ann Arbor

More and more couples are signing postnuptial agreements, as they face the fact that divorce is a possibility and it's smarter to plan ahead, according to a new survey. Marriage is, in very real sense, a contract to be together for life, through… Read More
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