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State Sues Life Insurance Companies

Lawsuits from the Minnesota Attorney General should serve as an important reminder to anyone who has a life insurance policy as part of their estate plan. Life insurance policies play a pivotal role in many estate plans. They are often used to provid… Read More
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Estate Planning Versus a Divorce Decree

Sometimes when people are upset about specific terms of their divorce they will attempt to use estate planning to possibly get around those terms. That is usually not a good idea. When you think of all the possible things that could be ordered in a d… Read More
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Tax Savvy Financial Tools in the Form of Life Insurance and Annuities

“Oftentimes these products are sold based on the moment in time,” said Richard Coppa, managing director of Wealth Health, a financial advisory firm. “A couple of years ago, they were sold on guaranteed returns of 6 or 7 percent because people w… Read More
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Spring Cleaning Applies to Estate Plans Too

Consider the people who fill out forms designating who inherits assets like an insurance policy and then never go back and revise the forms when, for instance, they divorce and remarry. And then, there are the parents who have not determined who will… Read More
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